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How to Clean Your Braces at Home

Despite being made to align teeth in a way which improves form and function, the presence of fixed braces in your mouth requires a greater amount of oral care and hygiene. Generally, patients with braces should go to in-clinic cleaning once every three months, but the home care needs to change as well.

You need to know that the metal parts of your brace can cause collection of plaque, which in the long term causes cavities and teeth deterioration. Your food can be stuck between the wires and the teeth, and it’s a real feast for pathogenic germs which will lead to gum or tooth diseases. This is why you need to brush your teeth after every single meal and do it thoroughly, just to make sure there’s no trapped food.

The general advice for brushing can be called “soft brush hard”. That means you use a very soft brush, and apply more pressure than you did before braces. Brushing is done in the morning, evening and after every meal. Foods that can get stuck between the braces include meat, bread and dough, nuts, as well as some fruits and vegetables. After such meals you should pay a closer attention and dedicate more time to brushing.

Flossing is even more important when you have fixed braces. Of course’ there’s a question – how? You need to floss the tooth between the gum and the brace wire, which would normally require high levels of skill. Luckily, you can buy a floss threader which will help you put the floss in the gap between two adjacent teeth and the wire. Your dentist will explain detains on how to thread your floss under the braces. The beginning may be hard, but you will quickly develop the skill.

You can substitute floss with interdental brushes, these require less skill, and will save much time. You use them for the same places, these brushes are thing enough to get everywhere a floss gets, though back teeth may still be hard to reach. You can keep flossing these anyway.

Mouthwash is also important, in fact, it’s very important. You use mouthwash with antibacterial properties to prevent gum inflammation. Mouthwashes can reach to tiny holes which no mechanic device is able to reach, and kills off most germs. If you rinse intensively, you’ll be able to remove the remaining stuck food which survived brushing and flossing.