A Look at Mini Dental Implants

Mini dental implants are generally used as a quicker and less expensive alternative to traditional dental implants. While implants are starting to take over from traditional dentures as the ideal way to replace a missing tooth, the use of mini implants is also on the rise. Here we’ll take a look at the procedure and how the implants work.

How does the Mini Dental Implants Treatment Work?

Mini implants are so easy to fit that it could easily be done under 3 hours and you could be back to your normal life, eating all those foods you weren’t able to before.

The mini implant consists of an alloy made of titanium that will act like a root for the designated tooth. There is a fixture that is in the base of the denture. The head of the denture is in the shape of a ball while the retaining fixture will act like a socket. A rubber o-ring has been incorporated to make this possible.

The o-ring makes it possible for the denture to easily and securely fit into the implant. The denture will rest gently on your gum tissue causing no pain at all. The diameter of each implant is so small and is around 2mm. This helps broaden the scope for dentist to fit them.

Who will benefit from the mini implants?

Nearly each and every person with dentures will benefit from these implants. It all depends on how much bone is available for the dentist to work on. Suitable candidates include:

  • People who will not be able to complete lengthy hours of dentistry will opt for this form of treatment.
  • Those that don’t have a lot of bone for the standard dentures they will still have a chance to have perfectly fitted dentures.
  • Patients that don’t have thousands of dollars for other procedures- it can be done at a low price

You won’t even need to go into theatre to perform the procedure; it can easily be done in the dentist chair with local anaesthetic. With mini dental implants you will be able to live your life to the fullest!